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Our workshops are designed to support children's and educational settings to educate and empower vulnerable, disadvantage and marginalised girls and young women on the risks and challenges they may be facing within their communities and across the UK.


Our workshops are uniquely shaped to target girls and young women between the age of 12 - 19 years old. Our sessions are designed by our team of lived experienced facilitators who have overcome challenges such as child criminal exploitation, sexual exploitation, and domestic violence and abuse.


We are committed to nurturing the social and emotional development of girls and young women focusing on three key areas: emotional intelligence, identity, and self-image.

Through interactive and engaging sessions, we provide valuable insight and tools to educate and empower girls who may be at risk.  


Our goal is to maximise our impact by equipping girls and young women across the UK with the revenant tools to prevent grooming and exploitation.

Contact us to explore how our workshops can benefit the girls and young women you work with. 

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