What We Do

 Daddyless Daughters focusses on the social and emotional development of girls and young women who are directly or indirectly affected by fatherlessness. The three key areas we explore are self image, identity and emotional intelligence. Supporting girls and young women to building healthy relationships with themselves, their family members and men.

Our team uses lived experiences as a tool to educate vulnerable young girls, parents and professionals that may be working with them.


We aspire to become the extended family member of every community.


Our Services

We specialise in providing a trauma informed therapeutic service for our community using both lived experiences and professional training to deliver our outcomes.

We work on a one to one basis with girls at extreme risk of grooming and exploitation through our Sister Squad Mentoring Program

Our weekly girl groups are designed for girls and young women who would benefit from our creative expression workshops and yearly arts projects.

We also provide a confidential therapy service called Dear Diary  

To get more information on professional & parent training, group workshops and outreach services contact us today at


**These services are suitable for: social workers, teachers, YOT, children's mental health practitioners, students, schools both primary & secondary, looked after children, vulnerable families and supported accommodation providers. 

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