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Addressing the needs of Criminalised Girls & Young Women: A Call to Action by Agenda Alliance

We are delighted to announce that Daddyless Daughters is now a new member of Agenda Alliance. Agenda Alliance is a dedicated organisation working in collaboration with various partners to advocate for the unmet needs of young women and girls. Their primary focus is on acknowledging the inadequate responses provided by public services to marginalised young women and girls. Agenda Alliance aims to rectify these issues as they strive to create a more supportive environment for women and girls facing challenges of the sort.

Credit: Joyce Nicholls

In August 2023, Agenda Alliance and the Alliance for Youth Justice partnered together to create what is named as the ‘Young Women’s Justice Project’. They produced a report platforming the needs of girls and young women aged 17 - 25 in contact with the criminal justice system. This project was created to advocate for this cohort of girls and young women who are consistently overlooked. It was also developed to influence and shape policies and further develop more effective practice through gender, age and trauma informed policies and practices.

In addition to this, in December 2023 Agenda Alliance produced a call to action brief based off of the Young Woman’s Justice Project. The call to action brief focuses on highlighting potential solutions for criminalised young women, important statistics as well as possible ways to implement systems-change. As apart of this, The Daddyless Daughters Project CIC was spotlighted for the services we provide for marginalised girls and young women and our work within this space. 

Last year, we shaped a huge part of our work around many of the themes highlighted through the Young Woman’s Justice Project and we urge any and every organisation and professional to take the time to read through their findings.. We respect and appreciate the values and work of this organisation as they greatly align with us. We’d like to give a big thank you to the Agenda Alliance team for having us work alongside them, it is truly a pleasure.

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