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Media Manager


Karina Mills has been with Daddyless Daughters since it was founded in 2017 when it was just dream and a bunch of notepads. Karina found her love for media in secondary school where she met Aliyah at the age of 11 years old. Through falling in love with drama, music and media,  Karina and Aliyah found a great escape of self expression which gave them a stronger sense of confidence, self belief and self esteem. After leaving school and going on to do performing arts in college, Karina progressed on to graduating with a  Bachelors Degree in Drama and Media Art. Karina is very passionate about helping people and empowering them to reclaim their freedom with their voices. Karina is very creative, kind and loving, she pays close attention to detail and is the backbone of many of our projects. 




Talent Manager


Azariah our Talent Manger joined the team early 2020 and has been a great addition to the creative family. 
Azariah spent the better half of her childhood using performing arts and poetry as a way to express herself and as a distraction from a Rocky and destabilising start to life. She was raised in and out of care through out her childhood and found herself in many challenging situations growing up. Azariah began pursuing poetry further at 20 where she used her work to acknowledge the struggles of mental health, loss, abuse and ones healing process.

Azariah is passionate about using art to open up new ways of thinking & reflection as well as learning from reading and others experiences. She takes a keen interest on learning how the mind works especially the minds of the Daddyless daughters.



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